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I am currently a Unix Admin at a well known British trading fund. I spend most of my free time tinkering with electronics and computers ranging from Arduino's to playing with CentOS on my VPS over ssh from my Macbook Air.

When I work on any project I like to learn by doing and so I find StackExchange perfect for helping nudge me in the right direction when I get stuck and so I try and give back just as much advice as I take.

comment Firewalld CentOS 7 Masquerading
Also there is no mention of in your config.
comment Firewalld CentOS 7 Masquerading
I get a warning saying ALREADY_ENABLED. Should that be the case?
comment HTTPS SSH Tunnel
I cannot go directly to Server A due to firewall restrictions. And I'm afraid the above doesn't work for me I get this error message channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed. I assume Server B has AllowTCPForwarding disabled.