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I've studied Computer Science in university for about seven years, resulting a B.S. degree in Software Engineering and a M.S. degree in Artificial Intelligence. Currently I'm studying Information Security for a PhD in Computer Science. I'm a Muslim; I love Libre/Open-source software; I'm a GNU/Linux enthusiast; I love software development, specially using Java; And I'm constantly trying to learn new facts and skills ...

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comment Snort error on FreeBSD-9: Unknown preprocessor “ftp_telnet”
No one answered this question in a long time, and all my attempts failed to solve it and the importance of this has now passed for me ... But for anyone else who might face this issue, I think the cause of the problem is that I installed Snort from the ports ... I haven't tried it yet but my best guess is that if I try and install this from source, this problem won't show up ... So, in short: Try installing Snort from source and not from the ports.
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asked Snort error on FreeBSD-9: Unknown preprocessor “ftp_telnet”