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My name is Greg Reynolds and I live in York, UK. I am a Software Consultant at RedPrairie, working on Warehouse Management Systems.

I graduated from the University of York with a First in Computational Physics, and then gained a PhD in Physics, also from the University of York.

Outside work, I like messing around with computers. My most recent project has been setting up my blog.

I am also a keen board and role-playing gamer. Current favourites are the Pathfinder RPG and the board game Kingdom Builder.

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comment Cannot open port 8080 on Amazon EC2
In the end I reset everything back to how it was, and it magically started working again. I am still interested in the answer though for the future. I used netstat to verify that no other program was listening on 8080, so nc should have been able to work.
asked Cannot open port 8080 on Amazon EC2
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