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comment Solaris 11 sshd brute force protection. DenyHosts equivalent for Solaris 11
this is solaris 11.1, with a root user.... I did look at DenyHosts but the Solaris comment is a bit vague on versions. Just, yes it's reported to work on solaris. Though that link looks interesting too. While I've changed port etc wouldn't hurt to add another layer so much appreciated
comment Solaris 11.1 x86 won't boot, verifying DMI Pool. How to install or verify boot blocks
I tried bootadm install-bootloader -M -P rpool c3t1d0s0 c3t2d0s0 which worked, ie adding disk names. Although that's not mentioned in the docs at
comment Solaris 11.1 ZFS Root rpool shows one disk unavailable and online, how to detach
Worked a treat thank you. It was listed in the same order but also revealed the serial number in the devid so I knew for sure anyway. I'd upvote but can't atm I'm afraid.
comment clamd says socket in use by another process but I can't find one
correcting the command gave the same response as you "PONG" so it looks like clamd is ok afterall. Means my actual problem maybe in perl. I'm trying to use perls File::VirusScan using the Daemon::ClamAV::Clamd but it reports back: ",error,Did not get ping response from clamd" so I manually tested and, here we are. Thanks I'll have to post elsewhere for the perl problem
comment clamd says socket in use by another process but I can't find one
I read elsewhere a similar issue was caused by /tmp being chmod 660. I've checkedd /var/tmp and it's 777 with stickybit so should be ok.