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comment Apache not serving changes to a file updated by gulpjs
Did you clear the cache of your browser each time? If your server provides explicit (long enough) expiration dates for content, it is quite possible that your browser simply uses its cached content rather than sending a request to the server.
comment Ubuntu server Cannot write to '' (No space left on device)
It doesn't add up: on one hand you've got only one fs, your root partition, which is full at 47Gb, but du reaches 2Gb top. You should try to boot in maintenance mode and do a fs check (fsck).
comment Maintaining a progress counter across multiple PHP worker threads using Gearman
Wouldn't the resource cost of having another db running on your instance negate the gain on the first db? Wouldn't it be better to setup a memcache service instead? Redis is good for storing structured data, but here you only have counters, which fit memcache well imho.