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I mostly code for fun these days with occasional forays into the commercial sphere (coding odd jobs and web stuff for clients who I like enough!). As far as languages go I strongly prefer python for most things (&django for web) though I've also been spending a lot of time with Java recently (making Android apps - surprisingly fun if a bit longwinded for my tastes). I use javascript when I have to (which is often) with jQuery easing the pain and I've got a fair history with PHP and Flash/AS from back in the (bad old) days when I used to do a lot of web development. No experience with MS languages since VB3 and happy to keep it that way. Likewise I'll only do Perl under duress!

I am available for hire as a programmer IF the job is very small / quick / limited in scope OR your idea for an app/site is TOTALLY AMAZING - in which case contact me via my website.

comment I accidentaly spammed myself - how long do gmail's block SMTP for after such inceidents
Happily it's back on now so the answer would seem to be 12 hours or less. Thanks for your answer though - if it were anything mission critical I would consider using a paid for service.