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I've been programming since my early teens and like so many of us, I started Basic on the usual home computers like Atari 800XL, ZX Spectrum etc. "Turned pro" about 20 years ago.

I've been mostly doing C++ during this time, writing anything from device drivers for various operating systems to trading systems for banks.

comment Hosting provider that allows you to host your own VM image?
I ended up just getting a hosting plan from RootBSD and transfer the configurations over.
comment Need a Company to Fix My Plesk & IIS on windows 2008 [SOLVED]
Any specific reason why you are not getting your hosting company's tech support to sort out this issue, given that your problem was caused by them in the first place?
comment Postfix sending mail back to itself? (Ubuntu 9.10)
What do the logs show?
comment How restore qmail backup files
Do you have backups of the users' Maildirs?
comment Keeping emails in Web app test environment from getting out
Ah, fair enough. Are you relaying out via a separate SMTP server or are you using local SMTP servers?
comment Keeping emails in Web app test environment from getting out
There's nothing to stop you from sending emails to somewhere that isn't the bit bucket. If you control the DNS, you can always point the 'outgoing' SMTP server at some mock server that allows you to verify you sent the emails correctly. Also, from your comment above I take it you don't have a permanent test environment set up? I would strongly urge you to do that, if you don't you open yourselves to all sorts of interesting, non-reproducable problems. I'd create a VM or a bunch of VMs that contain the correct setup so that the engineer only has to drop the new software into it.
comment TCP/IP & throughput between FreeNAS (BSD) server & other LAN machines
Are you really only getting around 6.5MByte/s? I assume you have fast disks and ample RAM for caching? Also, if you're using software RAID, which type? That seems to have a rather large impact on performance in my tests.
comment Does postfix virtual domain accept wildcards?
The problem with the catch-all approach is that it'll unfortunately also forward all the emails that are sent to random usernames at that specific domain. IME 99% of those emails are spam...
comment What is a good 64 bit physically small server?
I've got an iMac here and I love it as a desktop machine, but I don't think it would work for me as a server due to its lack of extensibility.