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comment Environment Setup
You may want to try posting this on stackoverflow.
comment Preventing brute force attacks against ssh?
This solution is not so good if, like me, you are serving Subversion via ssh. A single SVN query can make a great number of connections in quick succession. If providing that service, you could either use a second sshd service on another port, or whitelist known IPs. I am thinking of using fail2ban or sshdfilter to catch obvious attacks the first time around, without punishing my legitimate users.
comment Device cannot be added on software-raid-1 array on Ubuntu 12.04
Hmmm, after reading your question again I'm not sure I advised you correctly. I assumed that you had created an array using your system disk and then saying the spare disk is missing, so that when you then added the spare it would rebuild the array onto that disk. If you have reasons for doing it the other way around, that's cool. I just logically expected that if you have a single disk in an array, then it would use that disk as the 'master' and then mirror it to any new disk that is added.