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Assistant professor in computer science at Texas State University specializing in human-computer interaction, recommender systems, and information retrieval. FP (currently Scala and Haskell, previously OCaml) hacker.

comment How can I use SELinux to confine PHP scripts?
@SergeyVlasov Thanks for the heads up. The primary threat model I am concerned about is someone exploiting bugs in one PHP application to manipulate the data or configuration of another. Bugs in PHP itself are concerning, but in balancing configuration difficulty vs. protection, this solution seems like it will accomplish what I need.
comment How can I use SELinux to confine PHP scripts?
@MIfe I am currently using mod_php, but am open to switching to a different deployment method if it makes it easier.
comment Easy multi-level authentication for sudo
That's a very interesting solution. Thanks!
comment How to maintain local Sync of files to multiple computers
Unison has a 'repeat' option where it repeatedly re-syncs e.g. every 30 seconds.
comment Easy multi-level authentication for sudo
@Brad Gilbert: I'd do that, but I want to be able to log in as my normal user from computers I don't control. I just don't want those computers to be able to root the server. I want root access to be reserved to when I am logging in from a trusted host (either via private key, or some other means that I don't use on untrusted hosts).