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Hi I'm Nicolas, and when it comes to development related things I have a wide range of interests, an excerpt:

  • Languages: C, C++, Java, Scala, Python, PHP
  • Web development: Javascript (JQuery, mootools, raphael, ...), WebGL, HTML5, CSS
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite (I intend to research the NoSQL offerings in the future)

Apart from that I enjoy travelling and sports such as football and running (that would be soccer for Americans). I've visited 3 continents and intend to do the rest as soon as possible. Tangentially, living somewhere is also one of my life goals.

comment How to update a package using puppet and a .deb file
Well, @benlumley, apt-get is versionable and dpkg (on which apt-get is based) is not. So it's kind of difficult to mix the two when you want to version like that. That's why in these cases it could be a good idea to setup a mini-repository and have apt-get manage it (which is the default provider on debian systems)
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