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comment nginx auth_basic errors: user not found and no user/password provided
memcache and memcached are almost similar how they work, so, adding memcached instead shouldn't really solve the issue, given I have installed memcached too. As Igor said Nginx checks for authentication with every browser request. All browsers cache the internal auth and doesn't prompt for password everytime, so Nginx logs this as auth failure.
comment Nginx permission denied upstream error, even after 777
I know 0777 is not right thing, but 0777 was just for two folders under fastcgi_tmp and microcache to test, I changed it back to 766, if you read my answer below
comment nginx multiple domains selective work
what is the exact nature of error via browser, 500, 501, 502 ? I guess this is something to do with php memory and execution time too. I'd also check the error log of php-fpm.. can you give more information
comment Protect webmin access with username/password
thanks for the answer, I don't want to put the webmin overhead to the web-server, so, I was looking if something could be done inwebmin itself. I have used the IP blocking, still I want to have password protection to allowed IPs. Where I work is an umbrella organization which has few public IPs sharing among 150 Organizations and I don't want other table to sneak peak my server.
comment give access to just one page for blocked ips in nginx
thanks for prompt response... this is what i was looking for
comment redirect blocked ip to different url in nginx
thank you... great explanation too !!!
comment PHP-FPM Pool, Child Processes and Memory Consumption
Assumption that one child process will take 40 MB of memory.... Usually what I read is people assume 30-40 MB
comment nginx multiple domains selective work
just consider buffer size is chunk of data transferred in one request, hence less buffer size more requests for server to serve. But buffer size cannot be too huge, the data may get lost, so, realistic buffer size would be 8K IMO. You can try that and observe