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Capable of building anything from peashooters to dreadnoughts, my tinker-fu-craft spans the border between science and the fantastic. Mastered innumerable disciplines and can create enterprise software from distributed bugs and plastic glue. Constantly drive myself to ever-greater exploits. Continue to improve my technological prowess. Boost my skill at crafting technological devices and the ability to use technological devices, as well as any other craft and knowledge skills I find useful.

comment mod_security block requests by http-host header
comment mod_security block requests by http-host header
Try to dig a.tracker.thepiratebay.org from any DNS server in this list public-dns.tk/nameserver/cn.html and on each request there is a different answer. Same for tracker.thepiratebay.org which also appeared in our Host: headers. There is a post about it on viewdns.info/research/… with some additional sites. Trying to reverse some of the returned addresses using viewdns.info/reverseip shows that its pretty much random.
comment mod_security block requests by http-host header
There is an extension for sharing trackers described here bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0028.html. But you are correct in that the 'Host:' header for all of these requests is a.tracker.thepiratebay.org or tracker.thepiratebay.org which might be or not be the actual target of these clients. It can also be fake clients just masking themselves as Chinese bittorents :)
comment Ubuntu Upstart script hangs on start and stop
and you can add -n to sudo so it exits with an error instead of waiting for password.
comment ntpd on Ubuntu fails to sync with status 2040
How about tracing the source with something like sudo strace -e trace=network ntpd -n, also what is your grep ^server /etc/ntp.conf
comment How to escape or remove double quotes in rsyslog template
similar question: mail-archive.com/rsyslog@lists.adiscon.com/msg01707.html
comment Unable to grep sourced Files in Vim
No, the % gets substituded with the file name vim is editing.
comment How do I add a “é” to my url
Hallo Admins, Look at your link, now back to mine, now back at your link, now back to mine, sadly your link isn't mine, but if your link stopped using french wikipedia it could pretend that it was mine. look down, back up. where are you? you are on wikipedia, with the accented é your e could look like. whats that in your hand, back at me, I have it, its a page with two links to that thing you love, now look again, the links are now diamonds. everything is possible when your page looks like serverfault and not wikipedia. I'm on apache.