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Java dev since JDK1.2, mostly server-side but also have enjoyed Android in recent years. These days I do more javascript than java, working a lot with node and React, and now that I've used React-Native I don't relish the prospect of working on native apps in any other way.

Lately I've been building MVP's with node.js, elasticsearch, mongodb, React.js, and phonegap/cordova. I think node and mongo are nice, elasticsearch is awesome, and react.js is spectacular. I'm not thrilled about hybrid apps in general, but they do let you cover a lot of platforms quickly.

Over the years I've done lots with Servlets, JSP's, Spring, XML, databases (esp. MySQL), Lucene, GWT, and now Android. My favourites of those are: Android, Lucene, GWT.

In 2013 I wrote an Android book (Asynchronous Android) which was an incredible learning experience but also very stressful on top of a full-time day job!