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Computer Engeneer & Social Activist

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     - PHP Developer
     - Wordpress (Wordpress Theme & Plugin) Development,
     - Symfony MVC Framework,
     - JQuery,
     - Native iOS( Objective C)

Wishes a world without countries, nations and religions. At least wants to imagine...
Favourite Writers

  1. Fyodor Dostoyevski
  2. Maksim Gorki
  3. Umberto Eco
  4. Hermann Hesse

comment Rebuild rpm under centos
@freiheit Hi, the company i started uses mysql 4.1 on freebsd, they want to have a bacup cluster to the live system so they asked me to install MySQL 4.1.. I m free i f i use Linux, freebsd, mac or anything, i will try to install on freebsd for the moment
comment Rebuild rpm under centos
thanks for your answer, you are right about upgrading but they rejected that sugeestion. Thay say that their code has run too slow on MySQL 5 strangely. I will try to solve this situation for them.
comment Rebuild rpm under centos
can you please just give an idea instead of downvoting?
comment How can I find the LDAP server in the DNS on Windows?
still can't get