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Vineeth Mohan

Search and analytic consultant on Elasticsearch at qbox ( Managed and hosted Elasticsearch service provider - https://qbox.io ). Elasticsearch certified trainer doing courses on ELK stack and core Elasticsearch.

My interests lies in big data analytic, machine learning and data science. My primary expertise is in data analytic using Elasticsearch and solving various data science problems.

You can find my blog at - http://blog.qbox.io

  1. Introduction to Elasticsearch Scripting
  2. Elasticsearch Scripting: Sorting
  3. Elasticsearch Scripting: Filters
  4. Elasticsearch Scripting: Scoring
  5. Elasticsearch Scripting: Advanced Scoring
  6. Elasticsearch Scripting: Aggregations
  7. Elasticsearch Scripting: Aggregations, Part 2
  8. Get Accurate Results with Elasticsearch Aggregations: Configure a Custom Analyzer