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comment How does Amazon ec2-user get its sudo rights
Yes it is. Now why don't you fix your answer so that I can award you the credit?
comment Changing XEN VM configuration
Yes, Trying.... I know exactly where you are coming from!
comment Changing XEN VM configuration
Heh :-) I almost did not allocate the bounty to you because reading my question and your answer, I think you should have known this at the time you made the original comment and you could have saved me quite some pain if you gave this answer earlier.
comment Changing XEN VM configuration
Actually I typed my answer about 99% finished a long time earlier but got interrupted. Then when I came back to finish up I saw the note "A new answer has been added", but I did not want to lose all may careful work, so I completed my answer despite yours, and the rest is history.
comment Changing XEN VM configuration
@Nils The DomU was shut down before I started the operation, and have not yet been started back up - it is just a test DomU, so it will stay down until I get a better understanding or guidance about what to do. In xm list it currently shows without an ID number (When running it gets an ID number) and no memory allocation, etc, but it is in the list. I don't know xen well enough to know whether that is good or bad.