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Software Engineer for Skillsoft specializing in performance and security

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Currently exploring PowerShell, MongoDB and SSRS.

comment Postgres: Non zero exit code when executing a sql file?
+1 for the best solution because it allows me to set the variable in the script, so I can trust it always runs correctly and don't have to worry about runtime context.
comment What's the maximum number of IPs a DNS A record can have?
Also, wouldn't the user experience keep changing? Is each node a complete replica? How would you ensure that it is if they are under other people's control? If they are different, then people will get one site today and another site tomorrow. Personally, that would drive me nuts!
comment How do I keep the ssl key for our website confidential?
+1 for "Your administrators have access to the private keys of your web servers. Accept this as fact, and work around that". Questions to the effect of "How do I prevent people with admin rights from doing X?" indicate a deeper problem to me. Either too distrustful, or too lax in giving out admin rights.
comment High Load Website. how to load balancing?
+1 for "Load balancing web servers will not, for example, help if it is your database server that is having performance issues." and "You seem to be skipping to the last step first"
comment Why can I login to a box even if the AD Domain controller is down?
It's common to need to login to the OS interactively prior to initiating a VPN connection. If login is impossible without live access to a DC, and a DC is only available via VPN and a VPN is only available after login, you have a nasty catch-22. Cached credentials is an effective solution to that.
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