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This is just a basic description, by the way. I'll make it more readable later.

I'm a programmer. My primary focus is Ruby, but I have also dabbled in several other languages over the years since 2008. I started with Visual Basic, then moved to Java, then briefly to C# and C++ (and by extension, C). I also fiddled around with SQL, primarily for the purpose of SQL injection, which I used for small-scale vulnerability testing. While I've been with Ruby the shortest, it is my strongest language. I used to be a Software Tester, but plan on something more in the field of Programming and Security. Currently, I'm mainly using Ruby on Rails (and everything associated with it, such as javascript), but I'm also playing around with batch files and C/C++. On top of that, I'm studying Reverse Engineering and file analysis (and I'm sure that's not the proper term).

I'm studying Social Engineering. Probably one of my favorite subjects. I don't plan to use it illegally, and I actually want to start a service to train companies on avoiding it (there are other companies like this already, but I also want in). I'm also studying social engineering because it's just plain fun to learn about.

I am also a writer. I am working on a series of books (title will remain undisclosed until I feel like it) that I hope to have published sometime in the future. I have written parts of several of the books, with the first of them being the most complete (the other parts are parts serving as anchored events in the story). This has been a particularly fun project for me to work on when I have spare time (which, oddly enough, is quite often right now).

I also am very interested in the field of psychology. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar, and since then, my mom and I have both done very extensive research on how it works. I also work on a daily basis with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (in fact, I have Asperger's Syndrome).

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