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Jan-Stefan Janetzky


you are not able to guess my capabilities upon viewing my public stuff.
the ISP i work for is taking 98% of my total code for internal projects.
the other 2% are spread randomly across multiple servers and some are even visible following theese links:

for the lulz: codepen
when i'm bored or need to bullshit about some random project: github

infrastructure i'm working with:

  • big data services
  • traffic intensive stuff
  • areas where performance is crucial
  • linux (mostly Debian at work, Arch for private stuff)
  • Windows (Server and Client)
  • embedded devices (firmware)

languages i tend to use:

  • Javascript (at Work and for Fun)
  • C / C++ (for Fun)
  • C# / Java (at Work)

libraries / stuff i'm working with:

  • Ember.JS / Ember CLI (for Fun and personal use. i'd quit my job if they'd ask me to use Angular)
  • jQuery (not using it that much anymore.. document.querySelector is all i need)
  • RichFaces (i hate it... how could i not.. its overloaded but meh.. using it at work and extending it for our needs)
  • v8 (bare bone javascript in a c process.. for fun)
  • NodeJS / IO.JS (shame on me if i'd not use theese)
  • VI / VIM / Notepad++ / CygWin / Visual Studio / Eclipse / Atom
  • lots of other stuff.. srsly.