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comment Change group policy settings for accounts?
The link does not seem to be valid anymore
comment As a Windows administrator, what were the issues you encountered with trying to learn a linux distro?
If you want to go further, you will have to learn how to build packages yourself. Start with taking an existing package and modifying something (like a config option). Most software is actually almost trivial to create a package for as all they require is configure; make; make install
comment Using DD for disk cloning
You can actually also use a read-only mount. A filesystem can be remounted with: mount -o remount,ro /path/to/device
comment How to perform a secure rsync between servers across an unsecured network
Why the chroot? You do know that a chroot does not really improve security that much. Further, if you already go out providing ssh then rsync over ssh does not reduce the safety of the system. Also think about it that what rsync over ssh does is invoke the rsync binary on the server. You can secure that the same way you secure your copy command.