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System architect at HP, primarily working with the Universal CMDB project.

Interested in framework building, thread synchronization and language features. Also in sci-fi books and audio-books, web-comics and cats.

comment Ubuntu: How to decrypt home directory, swap (basically everything) without reinstalling?
Yey! it worked flawlessly, though I chickened out and just moved stuff around, not deleted them - I'll give it a whirl and delete in a few days. For reference - I moved media and other "big folders" to /home/user.backup, then I opened nautilus as root (sudo nautilus) and copy/paste everything remaining (remember to click "Ctrl-H" before to see hidden files), then I did "sudo chown user:user /home/user.backup -R" - then followed the rest of the guide here, but just moved /home/user to /home/user_enc and /home/user.backup to /home/user. Oh - big note - it's "umount", not "unmount". No "n".
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