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comment How do I add additional databases to my mysql replication slave (read-only)?
I so I added the databases to the cnf file on the slave for replicate-do-db like I have the other databases that are currently working. Then I did a create database on the master and added some data to it but it is not replicating..
comment ASP.NET application locked up
My issue isn't so much getting the app running again as much as finding the root cause. It was only this app pool with the issue and restarting the app pool did fix the issue for the time being. It wasn't just the single page that was having an issue, all requests were perpetually loading.
comment ASP.NET application locked up
I am the main developer on the project, this is something that hasn't happened before and this code has been in heavy use for about a week now. I don't believe it to be a coding issue and more likely something else on the server..