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I ♥ to wear sneakers with laces untied, to lie in grass to read a book or look the sky, to be at night in a urban environment to code, wolves, dragons, elves, hang out with friends, to not have a TV, lofts, dark wood, board games, Ars Magica and UO, wander in a forest before be lost in trains, metro or buses looking other guys, prepare hotel quality breakfast the sunday morning for my friends, punk rock, dub, ska punk, rock, metal, alternative hip hop, hardcore gabber, classical.

I do some development for MediaWiki and Wikimedia communities.

comment Do you use postfix or qmail and why
And before 2007, it were included in most distros anyway.
comment Do you use postfix or qmail and why
There seems to be some FUD here. When we read "qmail" in 2014 (or in 2010 or 2012), I think we should read "the original qmail source code + the patches included by virtually everyone in packages and by most sysadmins", or the netqmail distro which provides the source code of qmail already patched, including both patches to address the issues you quoted (ipv6, smtp auth).
comment How to bridge Network interfaces on Debian/kFreeBSD
There are shell commands, so you can create a shell script. You can also write the commands in /etc/rc.local (before the exit 0; line) to have them executed at startup.