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comment My folder permissions are not working
One of they keys to learning anything is to be able to specifically and accurately describe the problem so that you get specific and accurate answers. Saying things like it does not work or they still can't access it doesn't give us enough useful information from which we can provide answers. So as a start, why not tell us exactly what happens and what the exact message is when trying to access the folder.
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comment Let user view another user's calendar without user's knowledge
Agreed. No good can come of this.
comment Moving the Windows Server from one computer to another
To address your second question: Yes, it's OK to have a virtual Domain Controller. To address your first question: I might suggest converting the physical machine to a virtual machine for the virtualization platform of your choice and hosting it on a hypervisor.
comment Scanning Across VPN, Files become corrupt.
define corrupt.
comment Server 2012 Cluster - Second Node Can't Ping Items
Ping isn't a cluster or SQL Server validation tool. What's the actual network problem you're having?
comment First Exchange 2013 design for on-prem SMB. Did I miss anything?
Present it as a single LUN to the hypervisors and provision it as a single datastore on the hypervisors. Then carve it up as separate VMDK's at the virtual machine level. Of course, this is just my opinion. Let's see if anyone else weighs in on your design.
comment First Exchange 2013 design for on-prem SMB. Did I miss anything?
I've never seen anyone carve out LUN's for specific virtual machines. I also don't see how there'd be any performance benefit as the LUN's are all carved out of the same underlying vDisk. If you had separate vDisks then possibly. If you're really talking about separating the I/O between the database drive and the log file drive then you've achieved that at the virtual hard disk level in each VM, there's no need to do it at the LUN level, and again, probably doesn't achieve anything at that level. Additionally you may be "locking" yourself in by doing it at the LUN level.
comment IP design for medium sized network
With a /23 subnet mask the subnet range is That's one subnet, not two.
comment First Exchange 2013 design for on-prem SMB. Did I miss anything?
Why are you creating separate LUN's? Why not just present the entire vDisk as a single LUN to your pair of hypervisors and create the virtual hard drives for each VM from that? I'm thinking that not may people carve it up the way you have in your diagram.
comment Active Directory Migration Tool download come in a .dlm file, what is a .dlm?
To clarify: You're migrating to a new AD domain?
comment Cyberoam UTM console accessible from outside network Is it secure?
Making it accessible only from the LAN through a VPN connection? Yes, that would strike me as being more secure.
comment Cyberoam UTM console accessible from outside network Is it secure?
I wouldn't allow access to it from the outside.
comment How can corrupt excel 2007 file?
Restore from backup.
comment GPO wallpaper for certain computer
If this is a Computer Configuration setting then loopback policy processing has nothing to do with it. Loopback policy processing is for applying User Configuration settings to users that are specific to the computer they're logging onto (either in Replace or Merge mode).
comment Migrating from classic hosting to Cloud
I'm sorry, what's the question exactly? You want to migrate your websites?
comment DUAL logon to Active Directory & local computer
I don't know what the internet connection has to do with it or why you think that's related. All of the clients and the servers are on the same network, right? If so then your router doesn't have anything to do with it. There are two means of accessing SQL Server; using Windows authentication or using SQL authentication. The non-domain client can't use Windows authentication since it's not a member of the domain so you can use SQL authentication instead. If you don't know the difference and don't know how to configure that then you should seek out someone who does know to assist you.
answered How to print and save the result to a file at the same time?