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I'm just a curious m@nkey with stronge hobbys. I like challenges, so I'm here to learn at the time i solve the other people challenges, wich are a real-life problems not dummy nor stupid ones.

Long time ago some weird people say "we are thinking about teach C to monkeys" but they never did it, so i learn PHP by myself with the help and the power of bananas and also some peanuts from my ElePHPhant friend.

I buy, repair and also broke my first Laptop when children. I NEVER had a Desktop one, because they make toooo much noise and i really hate it. Also, I love to carry it when i go to any place.

I have been a gamer along too much time (Racing games ++) but i leave all. I LOVE Breakers, Garou or Windjammers at MAME online. (Supercade at www.damdai.com/supercade)

Now im only focused into programming and make my skill better as i can do. I LOVE PHP and related; PHP bancompiler, PHP CLI, PHP on any device, PHP-GTK, PHP-Winbuilder, PHP cURL, SL4A + PHP, and maybe something more. Also learning a little Android (java).

Even if I love computers, sometimes i think on hammers when i use it.

I open my new blog (Written in spanish) recently (tronko.es) and I'm posting both posts & web tools/services.

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