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I'm a C# and .NET Software Developer.

  • I love working with C#, ASP.NET, and MVC. I like playing with XNA (now MonoGame)
  • I enjoy working on cars, playing with legos, watching tv shows, and going to the movies
  • I'm a bit of a DIYer at my house, despite my DIY profile

I work during the day as a professional software developer. I moonlight as an independent game developer.

comment SonicWall SSL VPN Log Export
How does Kiwi store it's data? My objective is to get the data from multiple logs (on devievs that support syslog and some that don't) into my own database in my own tables. Is that posible with Kiwi?
comment What is the max number of websites / virtual directories one can host on IIS?
I think the OP was asking about a hard limit built into IIS, which I don't think exists.
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
Thanks for the witty sarcasm John ;)
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
I thought about this, but I chose robocopy since I trust a scheduled task as a point of failure more than a network file server.
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
Should I set this up as a scheduled task on ServerA?