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I'm a C# and .NET Software Developer.

  • I love working with C#, ASP.NET, and MVC. I like playing with XNA (now MonoGame)
  • I enjoy working on cars, playing with legos, watching tv shows, and going to the movies
  • I'm a bit of a DIYer at my house, despite my DIY profile

I work during the day as a professional software developer. I moonlight as an independent game developer.

comment What is the max number of websites / virtual directories one can host on IIS?
I think the OP was asking about a hard limit built into IIS, which I don't think exists.
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
Thanks for the witty sarcasm John ;)
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
I thought about this, but I chose robocopy since I trust a scheduled task as a point of failure more than a network file server.
comment Windows Server Folder Replication
Should I set this up as a scheduled task on ServerA?