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I am a backend Web Developer with a STRONG focus in user interface and user experience - especially for backend users! While I can create some pretty decent template designs, I'd rather not spend my time coding HTML and CSS at this point. A lot of focus is given to the front end user, but I consider EVERY user, including backend users and creating some awesome backend utilities.

I have fallen in love with jQuery, but I am open to learning other libraries. I work extensively with jQuery, AJAX, and PHP. I like to be a part of all sides of the program, writing actions to work behind the scenes with the stuff on the front end. I enjoy using functions, objects, and not re-inventing the wheel unless I think I can re-invent it better, create more options to fit my project and others, and implement it as open source code!

Author of Pines Steps: https://github.com/sciactive/psteps, a step-based jQuery plugin with validation, configurable to your project and Bootstrap styling. Highly customizable to mold to your projects.

Live example: https://techsmartstore.com and http://shop108solutions.com

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