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Handsomely bearded hacker who likes C, Linux, bash, GTK+, OpenGL, game development, text processing, the occasional assembly (though more commonly on random 8-bit machines than x86), Python and stuff.


For the past couple of years, I have been working (as a contractor for ÅF Technology, focusing on embedded & connected devices) as a tool and accessory software developer at Atlas Copco. Before that, I helped EA DICE with on big-budget, cross-platforms games running on Windows, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360.

Personal projects:

  • I wrote the gentoo filemanager which a few people still seem to enjoy using, even after 10+ years.
  • If you use Geany, Geanyuniq might be useful sometimes. If you also use Git, you might want to try out Gitbrowser.


comment Why do Access Control Lists in IP forwarding use an Inverse Mask?
Not a programming question.
comment LINUX: Help me recursively search an entire directory for last accessed time on files
@MT_Mike: I think so, yes, I edited the answer.
comment LINUX: Help me recursively search an entire directory for last accessed time on files
@Ahmed: That's a good point, I added the -i option to rm to make it slightly safer.
comment Multiple IP addresses on Network Card Win2003
Voting to close, and noting that having 2,800 IP addresses on a single interface sounds insane to me. But I'm just a programmer, so what do I know.
comment rsync via ssh from linux to windows sbs 2003 protocol mismatch
Not a programming question.
comment Resize the /var directory in redhat enterprise edition 4
This is clearly not a programming question, voting to close and move.
comment how to edit remote linux server files?
This is obviously not a programming question; I recommend moving it.
comment How can I sort du -h output by size
Heh ... Funny you should ask, as this has been annoying me for ... well over a year at least. Last week I downloaded the code to GNU coreutils (of which sort is a part), and had a look, but decided it would take a bit more time than I had on my hands to patch ... Anyone? :)