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comment Split a ZFS clone?
promote doesn't really do what I want, as all it seems to do really seems to do is move the snapshot from the original file system onto the cloned filesystem, and then setups a dependency the other way around, meaning the original filesystem now has a dependency. I want to remove any dependencies between the file systems
comment zfs permissions issue ? “Not owner”
This was it, /home was actually setup (which I guess is standard) with automounter. This isn't something that we use, and one of the developers needed to replicate a linux directory structure on this solaris machine, needed to create things under /home I've changed the location where automounter puts auto_home, so it should be all good now. Thanks.
comment How to query Navision database
The raw table dumps have been requested by auditors, unless navision can export to csv the raw tables, that isn't going to help.