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comment DirectAccess client can't connect
DNS resolves correctly and I can reach other servers at the same location. I've tested at another location with a different ISP and it fails there as well, but it consistently works with the mobile ISP. If I connect through ISP A and switch to ISP B once the DirectAccess connection is up I will sometimes continue to get ping replies from internal servers, but the connection will drop as soon as I try to access a real service like a web- or fileserver.
comment What are the advantages of registered memory?
Thank you, this confirms what I was starting to suspect - that for a low-end server where max memory is usually ~16 GB, one might as well go for the cheaper unbuffered. Especially in the HP case mentioned where the registered memory limit is actually lower than the unbuffered :-)
comment Problems serving SVN over HTTPS on Ubuntu 10.04
Sorry for not noticing your comment earlier! Yes, we're still using basic auth, but somehow the bug is not affecting Mercurial as badly as SVN (we've had login issues only twice since I posted this, both times fixed by a restart of Apache).
comment Problems serving SVN over HTTPS on Ubuntu 10.04
Thanks for the heads-up, I've marked it as also affecting me. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet, really, as I'd imagine it affecting quite a few people - perhaps new version adoption of Ubuntu is just slower than I thought. We "fixed" this by biting the bullet and moving to Mercurial, which we had been contemplating for a while anyway. No problems there so far, also over SSL with the same authentication.
comment GE NetPRO UPS monitoring software available for Windows Server 2008?
Thanks! The UPS actually only has serial signalling, no network. There is already a W2K3 install running under Hyper-V on the server. Unfortunately Hyper-V doesn't allow attaching a physical serial port to a virtual machine. I'll have a look to see if I can get it working with ser2net ( If that doesn't work I guess APCUPSD is the final option, although my time would then probably be better spent hacking in support for GE UPSes than building a new serial cable.
comment ZFS vs XFS I think your definition of mature might be different from mine :-) Maybe I'd consider it after 8.0 is released.