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AutoCAD programmer, mostly ObjectARX(C++,C#), some AutoLISP, some VBA. Working for a midsized manufacturer - awesome to work for because everybody here believes in the value created by custom software.

comment Backing up a Linux VPS with RSync to Vista
Yes lack of a SSH server for windows is a problem. A quick google search turned up mobassh.mobatek.net/en
comment Setting up SVN+SSH for multiple users through one local user
Just to clarify things a bit: The local user under which the subversion server runs is different from users in the subversion repository (the code authors). Adding a subversion user (code author) requires a one line edit of a config file on the subversion server. It has no effect on who has rights to do stuff on the server.
comment Vista update fails: component store corrupted
This appears to be the answer. But, the suggested utility failed on first run complaining that I needed to update some other windows installer component. When I eventually get it running, I'll accept the answer. But fixing this box is always about #17 on my todo list.