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Administrator for Several Active Directory Domains, many with Unix and Linux machines tossed in for good measure.

Proficient in: PHP, Ruby, Python, JS, XHTML, and various scripting/shell languages. Working on brushing up on C, and eventually mastering Objective-C

Familiar with the dark and dismal underbelly of Windows 2000+, currently working on attaining the ultimate Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 deployment scheme using WDS.

Extensive Experience with Debian and it's derivatives, not really a big fan of Red Hat, or it's many flavors. I'm currently maintaining ~20 Ubuntu 10.04 Servers in various states of existence (Dedicated/VPS)

Have moved numerous clients off of Exchange or another lesser mail platform to either Zimbra Network or Google Apps. Always with positive results.

Specialties Server Administration, Web Development, Windows Domain Administration, Web Stack Administration (LAMP), Active Directory, Zimbra Network Edition Administrator

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