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comment Is it possible to redirect (or create an alias) so that requests for a default instance of SQL redirect to a named instance?
@jscott: AFAIK the port is always (by default) set to 1433 anyway so that won't make a difference. Also i just checked sql config and even my (non-running) sqlexpress instance uses 1433.
comment What is the correct temperature for a server room?
Thanks i'll update the answer to mention that, my original answer was more geared at everyday small office server rooms - where IMO more leeway in case of cooling failure may be required (or a greater focus on airflow etc..
comment Compatability error Installing Sharepoint w/ SP1 on Windows 2008 R2 RC
See: for info on slipstreaming. If you want to install WSS then you can use the link on the Microsoft blog. If you want to install MOSS you will have to make a slipstream because "So far there is no plan to create a MOSS slipstream build." MS also has a guide on slipstreraming MOSS
comment what are my options for hosting a WCF service
Sorry don't have experience with any providers, but on the technical front as long as ASP.NET is running correctly you shouldn't really be having any technical issues with a hosted ASMX (apart from the implementation of security/credentials - which is dependent on how the asmx is called and where accounts are stored).
comment Windows Workgroup Machine Naming vs. User Account Names
Totally forgot about the Description field, great point!