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comment Prevent Non Copy Only Backups on SQL Server
I'm liking this idea... so, make them not a backup operator, but have the script impersonate a backup operator and perform the backup for them.. I guess this is probably the best solution..
comment Prevent Non Copy Only Backups on SQL Server
Indeed... so, if we have issues with out database that a vendor needs to look at, it is very common for the vendor to request a backup. it <does> tax the server, but it is an acceptable slowdown for the /possibility/ of whatever issue we're working with to get fixed. (: I agree that in an ideal world I'd only let the DBA take backups, but I'm not always available to do that.
comment SQL Server 2008 Policies: Email on Failure
Thanks... here's an article about it: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510667.aspx
comment SQL Server Log File Size Management
I read that blog entry. They didn't really address the issue of whether or not a big log file is necessarily bad. I know that shrinking is a very expensive operation and this would be done during "downtime" or at least slow time..