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A CS student from Sofia, Bulgaria.

comment Memory not being freed on VPS
Try analyzing the "ps" output. Also, if you're using Apache with prefork, you may check you MaxSpareServers directives.
comment Linux: rename file/dir in it's current location w/o changing pwd to that location?
Wow, it works in bash too, I didn't knew it :)
comment Many concurrent Cassandra database connections thru SSH tunnel
Can you give the command which you're using to forward the port?
comment Intermittent munin-cron error “There is nothing to do here, since there are no nodes with any plugins”
The error message is defined in HTMLOld.pm, after checking the output of get_group_tree() for sanity. You may try upgrading your Munin install (to 1.4.6, or even 2.0, if possible), there are quite a few changes in this module recently: munin-monitoring.org/log/trunk/master/lib/Munin/Master/… . The 1.4.5 release is built from SVN revision 3627 (two years ago!) and the current revision of the file is 4579.
comment Excessive memory usage on a Go Daddy VPS
The Java application is trying to execute shell scripts, which leads to out of memory exceptions. The number of processes is big, but summing the numbers from "ps" is still far from 100%. By the way, I can't believe the VM is not using buffers and cache - I get zeroes there even if I have free memory, which is not the case on my Linux desktop.