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comment Windows 2008 Server on mixed ethernet speeds — download from share slow, but fast plain TCP
I was thinking more Disk IO problems. Your scripts really only test network performance, and disk I/O from the sending system. Just trying to rule out disk IO performance issues on the receiving end.
comment Windows 2008 Server on mixed ethernet speeds — download from share slow, but fast plain TCP
I completely forgot to take into consideration that straight transfers over raw TCP operate normally. I noticed that your in your raw TCP Transfer, your are redirecting the output on the receiving end to the null device. Have you tried redirecting it to an actual file? Could we be looking at Disk IO propblems?
comment Is there a generic way to tell if a username is valid on a Unix-like given system?
Generally, getent will hook into NIS and LDAP. getent should be calling the appropriate C library calls to pull user ID information. As long as LDAP or NIS is setup correctly on a system, the getent command will return information about those entries.
comment Good (free / open source) tools for analyzing TCP capture files?
I completely missed tshark. Looks like a lot of the command line parameters are the same as tcpdump too. I have a new tool to add to my arsenal
comment Windows 2003 SMTP virtual server, why emails are not delivered?
Agree with Keith. You should perform the procedure specified in 153119, but from the Windows Server, to an external SMTP server. Use a well-known public smtp server, such as google's If the test results in a connection denied, your ISP or network team is probably blocking output SMTP.
comment Exchange server replacement that runs on Linux
The Google Apps option is a great option to consider, especially for small to mid-size business. I've used it for several small domains, as well as assisted a medium-sized University in transitioning their mail systems, all with positive results. Just be careful with any custom requirements. If you need to archive email, or run concurrent mail systems, the complexity can increase dramatically. Just make sure to perform due diligence for your requirements before making the switch.
comment Win98/DOS losing connections to Server 2003
For testing purposes, could you run the Samba server with no domain connectivity (perhaps even in security=share mode), manually map the shares, and see if the problem persists. Just wondering if you can verify it is an active directory problem, or something else. I wonder if Windows 98 is having a hard time dealing with the size of the share.
comment Debian bridge networking restart fail
Make sure that you are assigning the IP address to the bridge interface, and not the ethernet interfaces. Do a "/sbin/ifconfig" to confirm this. You might want to look at the arp table on the server, and confirm that you are seeing the client's mac address. The "arp" command should do this on Linux.