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comment Count number of bytes piped from one process to another
I like this solution, sadly the shelll I'm using (BusyBox) doesn't appear to support the >() notation, but it does provide a way of doing what I'm after.
comment Count number of bytes piped from one process to another
In my searching I had come accross this, but I need it to set a variable with the number of bytes transfered so that I can use it in another process.
comment Where's the netlogon folder stored?
Same files seem to be in 2 places
comment Prioritise VOIP traffic over a VPN link
Sadly I've only got the Standard Version of Sonic OS at both ends, but will look into getting them upgraded
comment Nokia E71 to Sonicwall GroupVPN
I've made some progress, it now connects and I can authenticate successfuly. But the SonicWall doesn't appear to be giving the Nokia an IP address (I've got the 'Use Internal Addressing' turned on in the Nokia VPN client) I'm getting two error messages on the Sonic Wall: WAN GroupVPN policy does not allow static IP for Virtual Adapter and IPSec proposal does not match (Phase 2) Any ideas?