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comment Manage redirected print queues from RD users on Server 2008 as Administrator
It was the Print Operators group membership that was required.
comment Why can't we contact a specific address range from inside our LAN?
Iptables had a rule that blocked connections from our primary IP Address. The server uses cPanel and WHM, we're thinking someone from our office tried to log in and got the password wrong too many times, and it auto-created a block rule. We removed the rule and added a new set to allow connections from our IP.
comment What is the minimum version of RDP supported by Server 2012 RDS?
FWIW: We did try the registry changes in the linked question, but they didn't help. Also, the legacy clients are Win CE 5 (rdp 5.2) XP embedded, WTOS (freebsd based O/S for dell/wyse winterms)
comment What is the minimum version of RDP supported by Server 2012 RDS?
Well, the real question is "What is the minimum version of RDP supported by Server 2012 RDS?" I want to get an answer so it will be documented for other users who might have this same problem. I'd like to get the clients working as well, but that's not really the subject of this question. I have some ideas as to the minimum supported version, but I can't find an authoritative answer.
comment What is a reliable device to detect, from the outside, if my internet connection has gone down?
I think you've misunderstood the question. The failover is not for the web server, nor does it rely on DNS. The failover is for our primary and backup internet connections. The failover tries to detect when our primary IP's have failed so it can switch to our backup IP's. When this happens, the DNS entries for our web servers need to switch as well. The question was regarding ways to detect that our primary internet connection had failed.
comment Access denied using NET USER command via SSH session
FWIW - I have the same problem on Server 2008, with a local user. As the Administrator, I can use "net user" As a new user, in the Administrators group, I get "access denied"
comment Remote printing using Terminal Services
We recently updgraded to W2K8 and use Easy Print and it works very well. We got rid of Tricerat Screwdrivers in the process.