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comment Mac OS X Leopard Segmented Backup
sparse-band-size is not a size in bytes, it is a number of sectors (a sector is 512 byte, so putting 8 there means 8 * 512 = 4096 bytes). And it is also not the size of a band file, it is the number of sectors by that a sparse image grows each time it has to grow; and this applies to sparse bundles just like to sparse images (that are not bundles).
comment Does anyone really understand how HFSC scheduling in Linux/BSD works?
The authors say on their pages, they don't want to receive any questions via e-mail. Questions shall be sent to some mailing list. However, this list looks dead (no new mails in the archive since late 2008), still I tried to subscribe, but so far my subscription is pending and I still wait for a confirmation mail :-/
comment Linux traffic shaping using TC
Your bandwidth numbers are wrong. All network vendors, when saying 100 MBit/s, they actually mean 1000 kbit/s or 1000 * 1000 bit/s. However, tc (and this has historic reasons) uses 1024. So in tc 100 mbit are 1024 kbit and 1024 * 1024 bit. IOW you root class is set to 1024 * 1024 bit/s in your script, but a 100 MBit/s Ethernet interface can only handle 1000 * 1000 bit/s and thus your script will shape far from optimal. Same is true for all numbers you provide in kbit of course.
comment How to manage the way router shares traffic
HFSC is broken in DD-WRT AFAIK (sometimes more, sometimes less, but they admit that in their own wiki and forum), thus everyone is highly recommend to use HTB until they finally fix this once and for all. Just a little tip (using DD-WRT myself at home)