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Born on Oct. 28, 1982 in Madrid, Sergio del Amo Caballero is a young telematic engineer. He studied Telecommunications technical Engineering (specialty in Telematic) in the spanish UAH. He finished in 2004 with honors. After his studies he worked in Motorola's Core Network Division (CND) as a programmer. Later he moved to Austria and worked as a web developer for Webteam and Cerebra while studying Master Telematics in the TUG Graz (Austria). He finished in October 2007 a master degree in Telematics, speciality Information systems. His master thesis analyzed knowledge management in an enterprise context. He came back to spain in 2008 and found Softamo.com. A company focused in the creation of management web applications. He focuses his interests in the Web. Especially in Web applications engineering, Knowledge Management and Web Design.