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comment How to keep Java 7 up-to-date without losing JRE 6?
That's precisely what you'd need to do: System wide, JRE7 is installed, but you can have as many other versions installed separately by just copying the files to a location of your choosing and making sure that for each application to be run with a different JRE the environment (PATH, CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME, any others) refer ONLY to the correct JRE for the application.
comment How to speed up file transfer from server to server over the Internet?
Nope. 2GB (giga-bytes base 2, more than 17 billion bits) transferred at 2Mb/s (mega-bits base 10) would take 8590 seconds, or 2 hours, 23 minutes. But.... when you include overhead (ethernet, tcp/ip and, shudders, FTP) it's more than 3 hours. I assumed (yes, I know what assuming does) a 20% overhead for FTP and the old stand-by 2 bit per byte for TCP/IP & Ethernet and get 3 hours 34 minutes.
comment ssh error - bind to port 22 failed: Address already in use
You already have sshd running. It's running perfectly fine, as evidenced by the fact that you can ssh directly to and the results for the netstat. What's most likely happening is that the port forwarding from your router either isn't working/setup properly. What's your public IP address? (ok, maybe don't tell us that :-). Does your internal server have only 1 IP address? Or does it have two, one in the DMZ and one internal? If there's a DMZ IP make sure the SSHD conf binds to that IP too (should be default default to all IPs).
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answered Linux crypted filesystem : is there actually big issues?