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comment How long a latest rack server in data center takes to boot?
5 minutes to get the Hypervisor running sounds about right. Botting the VMs could take much longer.
comment Can a snmpd.conf access control entry contain multiple networks?
Only because you bought it up... The community string in SNMP v1 and v2 isn't secured, the whole protocol isn't secure. So anyone can see anything running across the network. There's no great reason to pick a really secure string. SNMP v3 is a different story completely, with good security, but it also uses usernames and passwords, not community strings.
comment Asterisk PBX - What connection to use: wireless or ethernet cable
I tell customers all the time: "WiFi is convenient, Wired is reliable. Which do you want?"
comment Why datacenter water cooling is not widespread?
@AdrianMaire Water has a specific heat of 4.2; while most oils fall in the 1.5 to 2.0 range. This means oils are less than half as efficient at moving heat as water. The heat exchangers, piping, pumps would all need to be 2-3 times larger. I've never seen any "water cooling" system use oil, except that one guy on YouTube who put his computer in a fish tank filled with mineral oil.
comment How can we allow all users to view full details for meetings in an Exchange 2010 Resource Mailbox's calendar?
@ChrisPowell If you're looking for the ability to edit a room's schedule like people could in Exchange 2003, then no, that functionality no longer exists in 2007+. If you gave that secretary Full Access to the mailbox she could move meeting, but that moved meeting wouldn't be moved on the participants calendar, only on the room's calendar. Either the secretary needs to organize the meeting in the first place (so the "original organizer" can move the meeting) or you'd need 3rd party Meeting Organization software that provides this functionality.
comment Can Fiber optic cables be too short? (dBm too high?)
@EEAA I did some work in a data center where the architect was ESD/Lightning-phobic. The SAN, network gear, and servers were all electrically isolated, with fiber between everything.
comment Interpreting TCP Traceroute results here?
Something between you and the remote server (could be literally anything including the endpoints) is blocking ICMP (this is annoyingly common for firewall appliances, clueless ISPs, and cargo-cult administrators), so there's no way to know why your connection is failing. Unless you have admin level access to a devices along the path there's nothing more you can do diagnose the issue.
comment E-mail addresses with plus sign in MS Exchange
A good sysadmin would write a script to add the relevant transport rule, if you're set on using Exchange.
comment How to prepare a custom installation of Windows 7 for cloning to a dozen machines with various hardware configurations?
Generalizing an image removes any drivers and related software, allowing the image to reinstall them on "first boot". If you do not generalize, it will retain those drivers and the configuration associated with those drivers. In most cases it's going to be easier to build images per machine model, than to build a single image that gets installed to many different models. It depends on your environment of course. Filezilla will not be affected by generalization either way. The same with domain membership, which will be removed either way. To auto-join a domain you'll need an unattended.xml.
comment Some of my clients report a route change when they reboot\refresh their IP?
It sounds like the client's ISP have lousy routing, and pull some hijinks like relying on DHCP for failover (where different DHCP server hand out different Default Gateways). There's almost certainly nothing you can do about this unless you have the cash to buy the ISP and get their networking straightened out.
comment Using Stranded vs. Solid CAT5 in a cable tray
@KaareZ Updated the Answer with some minor details. For one off runs there's really no difference. When you're doing a hundred runs a day the differences add up quick. All cable has to meet the minimum specs for it's category; anything above that shouldn't be assumed (even though it's quite common from my experience).
comment Connect to multiple AP with one Wifi adapter under Linux/FreeBSD?
@GeorgeAdams Only certain hardware supports multiple channel operation. I couldn't say which chips at this point, the documentation for the ath(4) driver is somewhat ancient.
comment What Emacs package should I install for command-line on FreeBSD?
Updated with both options
comment AES Encryption License for ASA series?
New link:
comment Where can I learn about apache
As to the configuration files, that's your OS/Distro's configuration management choices. The stock httpd doesn't have all those extra directories and files; it's a much simpler layout (slightly more complicated to configure sometimes). As for the rest, have you tried the Apache animal book?
comment How do I install the JRE on a Windows server without Oracle adware?
+1 Only the on-line installer has the bundled software.
comment Accidently removed all PHP dynamic libraries
1. Is there a reason you're not restoring from backup? 2. What OS/Distro is this?
comment Why are my VMWare 5 virtual machines not booting when converted over to Microsoft Hyper-V 2012r2?
1. You can't boot into the BIOS on a Hyper-V VM, it just doesn't work that way. 2. If a boot disk isn't found, it says "No Operating System was Loaded", usually with a few more details. 3. The "SCSI" bus on Hyper-V has nothing to do with SCSI, and the Converter understands this. If he had configured the VMs manually this could be an issue, though he'd still get the error above instead of a black screen.
comment Why are my VMWare 5 virtual machines not booting when converted over to Microsoft Hyper-V 2012r2?
The HAL issue is only for XP/2003 and older. Anything newer doesn't have that issue. What OS are the guests? What version of MVMC did you use?
comment Inplace migrating ZFS RAIDZ with 3 drives to 4 disks, when pool has more than 1/3 of free space
Correct. This should work. But: 1. It will take a darn long time. If possible, move the data to something else and rebuild from scratch to save a lot of time. 2. If any disk has an error during this process (probably somewhere in the 1:1000 to 1:10 likelihood) you'll be losing data as there wont be any redundant disks. 3. Backups, backups, backups.