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comment S3fs performance improvements or alternative?
Depending on your storage needs, you may want to just use EBS, unless you need access from other systems simultaneously, in which case setting up a virtual nas with EBS may still be a better option.
comment Mounting an Azure blob container in a Linux VM Role
Glad to see this... was looking into this, and could save me the trouble of having custom azure specific code on multiple servers or having a VM to act as a file server...
comment NGiNX Custom Cache param based on regex match
One question, in the regex map, is the ~ part of the regex, or just an indicator to match on a regexp... sorry, I'm not really that familiar with nginx, just wanting to set it up as a reverse-proxy and caching server for my application's rendering. Also, can the regexp be rather large? ie, similar to the site's matching patterns?
comment Is it possible to use SSD for storage on Windows Azure?
We're using 4 striped disks for each of the nodes in our mongodb replica set, and migrating our ms-sql instance to do the same.
comment USABLE multi-master replication for Postgres?
I would think that using a system similar to etcd for config and communications would be possible, perhaps running any update statement within two phase commit... a hard part would be keeping a node out until it is caught up and matches other nodes... I'd really love a near automagic solution for this
comment What does my ISP mean when they say they will provide “4 static IPs out of which 2 are usable”?
Worth noting the "technically usable" address is likely the internal address on the modem/router for purposes of routing traffic... if you have a "smart" router, you could serve on the host router. Probably a bad idea though. My ISP sends traffic via a routed CIDR block, so I could host stuff via my router... currently only do some SSH tunneling via my router.
comment Is it safe to use consumer MLC SSDs in a server?
Just want to +1 with @ZanLynx .. I usually only partition about 80% of the drive when I'm using SSD + Raid.
comment Should I RAID my SSDs?
You will get some performance hit, even RAID1 will run slower with SSDs, as the drives are generally faster than the controllers. Just the same, faster than HDD (even 15K drives), and will usually be offset by redundancy. I've read a few places where hardware failures with SSDs are about the same as HDD rates in the last couple years. So best to be safe.
comment Should I RAID my SSDs?
@pcampbell, I've had RAID controllers fail, and even the same chipset not recognize the array, after replacing the controller. Software raid is the best solution to this, and on modern systems with many CPU cores, it isn't much overhead. I'd still suggest a SATA/SAS controller for increased I/O throughput, but use software RAID. Unless you are specifically using an environment that needs hardware raid, such as ESXi/VMWare.
comment VMware Server 2.0.2 and Firefox 3.6 RC1
just disabling the TLSv1 did it for me. :)