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I've been working with UNIX, GNU, and Linux for over 25 years. I've done significant programming in over 40 programming and scripting languages, including Smalltalk, Objective-C, C, Csh, bash, perl, awk, m4, puppet, ansible, hadoop, whatever.

I've worked as a consultant, systems administrator, customer support representative, project manager, trainer, founder/CTO, DevOps duty engineer, DevOps advisor, and button pusher.

For fun I play guitar (acoustic and electric), build LEGO robots, tweak http://reiber.org and make random contributions all over the internet - see: http://bit.ly/reiber which just scratches the surface.

comment Where is the actual content in a TCP segment
The data of the 20K word document gets broken up into chunks and each chunk is put into the data portion of a packet - the green portion in the above diagram. For the packets involved in sending your word document, that green data portion isn't for anything else other than the chunks comprising your word document - the "payload" being transmitted.
comment sudo ./starling start works well but sudo service starling start fails
you have to export the variable to get it into the environment. Just setting the variable sets it only to the shell script - not as part of the environment of processes the script runs. Use "export GEM_PATH=/home/..." rather than just "GEM_PATH=/home/..."
comment Apache is sending php files to my browser instead of parsing
yup! Good answer.