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comment PF firewall frontend
Hm, yeah but I'm already running a complete system. I'm more looking for something to run on my existing FreeBSD 9.2 install if something exists.
comment ssh config - do not execute remote command
Yeah thanks, my plan was to use the ssh config together with the ssh workflow for Alfred (OS X). That would allow me to type ssh vps01 in Alfred and have it launch a terminal window for forwarding without the shell. Guess I'll have to solve it some other way then :)
comment Sshguard PF automatic unblocking?
Thanks, I just created a crontab with /sbin/pfctl -q -t sshguard -T expire 86400 to clean all blocks older than 24h.
comment Airport Extreme roaming setup
Problem sovled, see…
comment Airport Extreme roaming setup
I see, the problem is that they don't work fine at the moment, that's our current setup. As I explained above the Mac client just seeks for the network and can't get a dhcp lease for a very long time when you switch floors/APs. Maybe this is because they're connected using the WAN port but that shouldn't be the problem as everything else works fine.
comment Airport Extreme roaming setup
One central router/fw so the APs is only supposed to act as bridges into the LAN. So I think we'll try to switch the APs to connect to the network using the LAN ports instead of WAN ports. Don't know why they used the WAN port in the first place when they set it up or if that even matters. I'll try to set one of them to create a network and then the two others to extend this network all of them connected to the network using the lan ports.
comment Airport Extreme roaming setup
I see, that is pretty much what we do right now and it doesn't work very well. Keep a single connection alive is not really important but right now when you move from one floor to another the clients (Mac OS X ML) just seeks for the wireless network and you end up with an exclamation mark on the wireless connection. You have to wait a couple of minutes and turn off and on the wireless connection before you can get online again, really weird. But maybe it's setup in the wrong way. Right now all three is connected to our network in the WAN port and all of them is setup to "Create network".
comment How do you run Smokeping on Nginx?
Thanks, I solved it another way which also works well. Smokeping running in the minimal thttpd server and proxy from Nginx.
comment Apache 2.2 disable reverse proxy on location
Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for. The final solution was to move the ProxyPass + ProxyPassReverse outside <Location> and move /dir1/ and /dir2/ ! before the ProxyPass in order to catch it before the / ProxyPass