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I've been picking up hints, tips and information from a variety of sources over the years, but somehow have always been a taker and not a giver. I'm finally getting involved and trying to give something back to the community. Still learning far more than contributing though.

I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in a small UK-based team within a US subsidiary of a Japanese company, doing work for a large UK telecoms provider. Production support, developer, part-time (a.k.a accidental) DBA in dev/test, analyst, consultant... whatever needs doing right now, generally. Mostly Oracle (since about 1995, versions 6 to 11g), Java, WebLogic, shell scripting, HTML, CSS, a bit of C when pushed, but whatever's needed today. Work is mostly on Oracle Linux, but dragged into Windows and networking issues fairly often, and a Mac user at home.

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comment Oracle performance after rebuild TEMP
having no limit on the maximum size leaves you open to the same problem you had originally, with a runaway query running out of disk space - so I'd have thought capping it at 5GB or 10GB might be safer. Since the previous tempfile had autoextended about 25 times, I wonder if the application problems did coincide with those extensions; but it shouldn't take long to add 100MB, and the application errors don't make sense. Unless there was a really small response timeout in the app, perhaps. Maybe the listener.ora or sqlnet.ora might reveal something? Or the listener log?
comment Oracle performance after rebuild TEMP
Do the problems coincide with the tempfile autoextending; or is there a big query running again that's consuming all 5GB of temp and causing other sessions to fail - perhaps with an ORA-01652 that's being lost? Is there anything in the alert log on the server?
comment Problem installing Oracle
Are you actually submitting the command - terminating with a ;, or putting a / on the second line? It sounds like SQL*Plus is just waiting for the second line of the command to be entered. But as @darreljnz says, read the documentation
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comment How to restore an oracle database
Although you can import a tablespace from a .DBF file, I don't think you can create a database from scratch that way; i.e. import the SYSTEM tablespace. For a start you don't have a userid/password yet.
comment How to restore an oracle database
Don't think so, the .DBF file are data files, not dump files, initVISUAL.ora is the init.ora and nothing to do with TNSNAMES.ORA. The log file looks like a bit of a red herring, and the ARC file may or may not be needed, but I'd hope not. The trace file will, if it's what I think it is, include database creation commands to recreate the database using the supplied data files, but will need editing and customisation. But I'd suggest this is fairly advanced stuff and not something a novice should be expected to attempt...
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answered Apache and file system permissions