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I'm a senior consultant at Kentor in Stockholm, Sweden. My core competence is as a technical specialist within development and system architecture. In my heart I am, and probably will remain, a programmer. I still think programming is tremendously fun, more than 20 years after I first tried it. That's why my blog is named Passion for Coding.

As a consultant I take different roles in various projects. My favourite role is to combine system architecture with active development, but I am also doing some enterprise architecture and project management.

Email: anders [at] abel [dot] nu.

comment How to send ctrl+alt+del using Remote Desktop?
+1 This also works when remoting from another remote session. Ctrl+End only applies to the "outer" session.
comment SpamAssassin sending legit emails to spam, despite sender being whitelist
This question is not programming realated and is off topic for Stack Overflow.
comment What's the best way to move a large amount of files?
Can you supply some more details about the network setup between the servers? Network speed? Latency? Internal network or publicly over Internet?