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comment Recovering information from a dead / dying HDD (HFS+)
"is there anything I need to know about the file format" << I thought I'd mentioned the standard format Mac OS X is using. I already saw the post of lg where ddrescue is mentioned, so this was more like an additional answer.
comment ScreenShare: command line and observe only
the easier way is to use iChat auto-accept scripts.
comment Snow Leopard: Optimization
I know its a bad comparison: on NT networks, you could profile your machine with a lot of options. My experience with OSX isn't on the same level, that's why I am asking. Thank you for your answer!
comment Gitosis on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard)
so this means i have to create a SSH key for the local user with sshkeygen. And this key in its turn has to be added to keydir of the administration tool?