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comment IPv6 works only after ping to routing box
@Flick What did you update about your answer? I'm having trouble identifying what the exact solution is here. Is it the MTU attribute? Otherwise why use minimum MTU? Thanks.
comment Comcast Business Gatway cg3000dcr kills VPN connections after about 3mb of transfer
You can shed some light on exactly what is happening by running wireshark/tcpdump to view the VPN traffic (include icmp/icmpv6 in your filters) to see what is happening when the connection dies. Sometimes routers/firewalls can be sending back a useful message that goes unnoticed by software but can be seen within the ICMP packet(s) sent by the device.
comment SSH freezes when idle for a time
Perhaps KeepAlive yes is missing. At any rate I think keepalives will solve this user's problem nicely. The only risk with keepalives is that connection problems can trigger the connection to die whereas without keepalives some connectivity problems between you and server may go unnoticed gracefully.
comment User cron jobs are not running but system jobs are
I'm not buying the "needs a newline" answer. On everey Ubuntu machine i've worked with (Serveral raspberry pi, and some Ubuntu servers) building a crontab as root with crontab -e always results in tasks not executing. none of them. But when I add things to /etc/cron.hourly or /etc/cron.daily the tasks work fine. I've never had this problem in Fedora or Red Hat.
comment UDP Socket bound to one IP?
Well put. Thanks for the clarification!
comment How to simplify Nagios config in giant datacenter
Got it. I'm putting together the config now. I'm using vim to build them.
comment How to simplify Nagios config in giant datacenter
cool - So I should create a service and in the service definition, specify hosts that offer that service. By using that approach I can specify one or many hosts as offering the service.