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Web developer working in Classic ASP, ASP.NET, SQL plus some Mac experience.

comment How do I disable server side code on iis 7.5?
Darn, now I have a new problem. This setting adds web.config to the folder. I want to provide FTP access but not allow them to update the web.config file.
comment How do I get IIS6 to default new websites to ASP.NET version 2 instead of version 1?
No, I don't think so. However, I have another W2K3 server that works the way I want it to (with both versions enabled), but I don't know how it got into that state.
comment Hosting email and supporting client auto configuration
If I go into Mac Mail and add a new account, there's an option to have the email client automatically set the account up. I only put in my name, email address and password and it tries to figure out all the other settings. I believe Outlook has the same feature.